Lash Tweezer Set

You will love the Lashfamous lash tweezer set. Every lash queen needs a set of crown tweezers! 

Our tweezer set includes 4 different lash tweezers: Isolation Tweezers, Curved Tweezers, 45 Degree Tweezers and Advanced Volume Tweezers.

Each lash tweezer in this set has a precision tip for the perfect lash application with each and every client you work with.

This lash tweezer set is a must-have for any lash artist!

Each Lashfamous lash tweezer set includes the following products:

Isolation Tweezer

The Lashfamous isolation tweezer has been carefully handcrafted to ensure the perfect isolation.

This lightweight tweezer is easy to handle, allowing you to create neat and precise classic, hybrid and volume lash sets. 

The perfect addition to any lash artist's toolkit!

Curved Tweezer

Our Lashfamous curved tweezer is handcrafted to ensure the perfect grip.

A great tweezer for volume fan eyelash extensions and creating using fluffy fans! These curved tweezers are perfect for creating narrow, medium and wide fans.

Lashfamous' curved tweezer is super lightweight, meaning it's comfortable to use and allows you full control during lash application.

This crown tweezer is very diverse, making it the perfect addition to your lash trolley.

45 Degree Tweezer

Introducing the Lashfamous 45 Degree Tweezer, enabling you to create perfect lash sets for classic application and light volume sets.

The 45 Degree Tweezer has a narrow, pointed tip, enabling you to get into the most fiddly areas without compromising on your application technique or the finish of your lash set.

Like the rest of the tweezers in our lash tweezer set, these tweezers allow for perfect application every time.

Advanced Volume Tweezer

The Lashfamous Advanced Volume Tweezer is designed to simplify and perfect your application of Russian Volume lashes.

The tweezer has a maximized surface area to create multiple “sweet spots” for the perfect grip for both volume and mega fans. This will help to speed up the application of your lash sets and create effortless, perfect fans for every client. 

All the hand-tested and lightweight tweezers in our lash tweezer set will be the perfect addition to your lash trolley!

To create effortless, fluffy, neat lash sets you must have the correct tools and this lash tweezer set wont let you down.

Lashfamous lash tweezer sets are available now! Order your set today.

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