Easy Fan Volume Lashes D 0.05

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Our Easy Fan Volume Lashes were carefully created to help make quick and easy fans in seconds without compromising on the quality of your lash sets. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

Lashfamous D Curl 0.05 Easy Fanning Lashes have been crafted with your application process in mind. Featuring a sticky strip to make sure the fans don't fall apart whilst keeping those teeny tiny pointy bases, meaning you can grab straight from the tray and go straight to application.


Easy Fanning Lashes are perfect if you're looking to create the perfect fan without compromising on application time. Our quick and easy Lashfamous Easy Fanning Eyelash Extension trays allow you to pick fans directly from the strip, speeding up your treatment time and provide the perfect volume lashes for your clients. The perfect combination.

Are you ready to lash in super quick time whilst creating the fluffiest of lash sets? Scroll up, click "Add to Cart" and get your kit ready for the ultimate game changer with our Easy Fanning lashes.

At Lashfamous, we promised to up your lash game and now we're here delivering the goods. Our single length Easy Fan Volume Lashes in the UK come in the following lengths:

  • 9mm
  • 10mm
  • 11mm
  • 12mm
  • 13mm
  • 14mm
  • 15mm

Each tray contains 16 rows of ultra soft, light weight Easy Fan Volume Lashes. 

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