Classic Lashes D.15

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Looking for luxury lash extensions? Say hello to luxury classic lashes with our flat, split tip cashmere lashes. Split tips give a natural lash extensions finish, making them perfect for an effortless everyday look.

Enhance your lashes with Lashfamous soft, lightweight, luxury cashmere eyelash extensions.

Lashfamous cashmere lashes help to create a better bond between natural lashes and luxury eyelash extensions, avoiding damage to natural lashes whilst providing the volume we've all come to know and love from luxury eyelash extensions.

Luxury cashmere lashes are more flexible than other lashes because they’re thinner from top to bottom, meaning they feel natural and flexible to touch. They have what's known as a 'concave contour', allowing your luxury lash extensions to mould around your natural lashes.

Our cashmere eyelash extensions are made of ultra-soft fibres that make them lightweight and allow for longer retention. Meaning you get longer out of your luxury lash extensions. What's not to love about that?! Cashmere eyelash extensions are the way forward for natural, volume lashes that stand the test of time. 

Lashfamous luxury classic eyelash extensions are so soft and lightweight that your clients will hardly notice they're wearing them - until they look in the mirror!

Shop with confidence. Lashfamous are one of the UK's leading lash brands offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. We offer premium products and are always creating new products to help lash artists worldwide to produce the best lash looks.