8D Pre Made Volume Fans

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Our 8D Pre Made Volume Fans are beautifully handcrafted to create the perfect volume eyelash sets for your clients while cutting down on treatment time.

Make them stare with our D Curl 0.05mm, 8D Pre Made Volume Lashes. And forget about wasting time on precious little feathery fans because you can easily remove our pre made volume lashes off the strip!

Lashfamous pre made fan lashes hold their curl like nobody's business which will keep your clients happy and coming back for years to come. Plus they're heat bonded - meaning they're not too heavy for your clients and lash health remains a top priority. What's that saying? "Happy client, happy life"? We think so!

And we haven't even told you the best part yet. If you're qualified in classic eyelash application then you can use these pre made fan lashes for fluffy volume sets for your clients. Because at Lashfamous, we're all about upping your lash game.

Let's run through everything we love about our 8D Pre Made Volume Fans Lashes.

    • Cut down your treatment time.
    • Heat bonded ensuring minimal glue needed for application.
    • Easy removal off the strip - no more wasting those precious little feathery fans! 
  • Trialled and hand tested curl to ensure by infill appointments they haven’t dropped.

Each tray of our 8D Pre Made Volume Fans come with 400 fans, making them excellent value for money and you'll find 2 lengths in every pre made box.

Don’t wait any longer - add to your cart now and get creating your gorgeous lash sets!

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