0.05 D Curl Volume Lash Extensions

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Our 0.05 D Curl Volume Lash Extensions are perfect for creating bolder, fluffy lash sets! 

If you're looking to add volume with dramatic curls without compromising on comfort, then our D Curl Volume Lashes are just the thing. They're super soft, feathery and lightweight, so you can up your lash game with confidence!

We'll say it louder for those at the back. Lashfamous D Curl Volume Lash Extensions are the best volume lashes and a must have for your lash technician kit because they're...

  • Super soft
  • Feathery
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply

Looking for the best eyelash extension brand in the UK? We've got you covered with Lashfamous volume lash extensions.

Lashfamous volume lashes are effortless to remove off the strip with foil backs, allowing for quick and easy application, meaning you can provide your clients with all the volume without compromising on time. Choose from 10 different lengths and add our D Curl Volume Lashes to your lash technician station ASAP. We promise you'll never look back!

Our 0.05 D Curl Volume Lash Extensions come with 16 full rows of bold, fluffy lashes with consistent curls and lengths. And they're made from ultra soft, premium quality, synthetic fibres giving a lightweight feel without compromising on volume.

Shop with confidence. Lashfamous are one of the UK's leading lash brands offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. We offer premium products and are always creating new products to help lash artists worldwide to produce the best lash looks.